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I've recently been doing a few courses, which I felt where really important to do, with my line of work, so I have done not one but two first aid courses!

One was an online theory course in Advanced First Aid, which covered a huge array of ailments, illnesses and emergency situations. I passed this one with a higher Distinction.  And I did a short practical First Aid course, so I could do a bit of hands on CPR practise with a dummy called Cassie.

First Aid2


I have also completed a Pet Sitting Diploma, which was also an online course and covered a huge array of different animals and how to run my business professionally.


And I have also recently done a Level 3 dog training course.



This one has really enthused me and has helped me to make a few decisions, on how I would like my career to progress.  I would really like to become a dog trainer.  There actually isn't a recognised qualification for a dog trainer, so anyone can be one (which does cause a bit of concern, as I have already watched a few YouTube videos of "dog trainers" teaching some really dodgy methods, some are cruel, using equipment such as choke and prong collars in a harsh manner).  I plan to use the positive reinforcement method, where you reward the good behaviour and ignore the bad, I believe this theory works well, although I think in some instances a dog needs to know when it is doing wrong with a firm "No".

Most trainers gain their recognition through years of experience training dogs and get their reputation through word of mouth, especially if they get positive results.

I have already started working with a couple of clients, either offering advice on such things as heel work, stopping dogs pulling, basic training and how to stop your dog eating your furniture.  Or actually doing some training sessions, funnily enough both are 9 month old labradoodles.  I am hoping if we can get some positive outcomes, this will lead to lots more dogs being trained with me and their owners.

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If anyone would like some help, let me know.  I can help you to teach your dog to be a well balanced family pet, I'm not talking agility and crufts standards yet.  And in return they will be teaching me too.

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