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    I was recently contacted by Distinctly PR to highlight the increase in Albabama Rot in dogs or more commonly known as Lymes Disease, which has been on the increase in the Uk, due to the increase in ticks.  Its important we all know the signs of the disease so we have a chance to catch and treat it early.
    Symptoms include:
    Unexplained skin sores most commonly below the elbow or knee, occassionally stomach or face

    Between two and seven days later – with outward symptoms of kidney failure: reduced appetite, fatigue, and vomiting.

    To find out more about this disease so that you can be better prepared visit their website here.

    One preventative measure is to remove ticks as soon as you see them, its a good idea to check your dog after they have walked in long grass, especially in the spring and summer. And kill them! Squash them.

    We could all spend all our lives worrying about all the different diseases and illnesses our beloved pets could get (or ourselves), its important to know the signs of any illness. But its also important to enjoy your animals.



  2. Welcome to the very first AnimalCare on the Hills Blog

    Rowan's Friends

    Some of you may know I recently had to change my business name from The Animal Aunt to AnimalCare on the Hills, this was due to my name being too similar to another company in Surrey, who weren't too keen, which is fine as I didn't want to be the same as them either.  However it left me with the dilema of what to call the business now. There was a few names in it, including Tamhaze Pet Care, PetCare on the Hills, AnimalCare on the Hills and Rowan's Friends.  Tamhaze was a combination of mine and Hazel's names, but was decided to be a bit weird. PetCare on the Hills was commented on by a neighbour during a consultation that she might not of called me, as it can be interpreted that I only do pets, where as she had horses, pigs and cows. Rowan's Friends didn't really say what the business was about, so I went with AnimalCare on the Hills (but I also have the domain name for PetCare on the Hills).

    I did really like Rowan's Friends tho, this would of been named after my dog, who often accompanies me on our walks with clients dogs as my matriach of the group, having collie in her she keeps everyone in check and if anyone runs too far ahead she rounds them up for me.  So, to not loose the name completely I decided to call my blog Rowan's Friends.  Here I can introduce you to all 'her friends' so far.

    Let me introduce you to Rowan



    Rowan is my baby! The children often joke that I love her more than them. I tell them "Well yes sometimes I do, because she does as she's told"!

    We have had Rowan since she was 13 weeks old, she is now 10 years old. We got her from the RSPCA after her Labrador mother's breeder gave the whole litter of 9 away as they didn't quite turn out how they should of!  We think she also has collie and whippet in her.  She is a very special dog and we have been very lucky with her. She is a bit stuck in her ways and this transition of suddenly looking after other peoples dogs has been a bit of a shock, she's very attached to me and isn't too keen on sharing me (particularly with our two cats who she will stare daggers at if they dare to come for a tickle!), but I think she is gradually getting used to it, and looks forward to our walks with her favourite friends, she now gets very excited when we pull up at Molly's, Murphy's and Willow's houses.  It has taken the other dogs a while to get used to her ways too, which are harmless but can be a bit off putting at first, for instance she does have a tendancy to bark at other dogs when they get in the car, but this stops as soon as I'm in the drivers seat and when she's playing she wants to be the dominent one and is very vocal.  Having lived most of her life alone, it naturally is going to take time, but I truely believe she is having a better quality of life now, with her friends. Even if she does sulk a bit for my husband when I am doing a house sit. She knows I always come home to her tho.


    So who comes out to play, so far?


    M&L and Bing





    moses and biggles


    Considering I have only been running AnimalCare on the Hills since April and I have had to deal with a few mishaps along the way. I am really happy with what I have got so far and what you are not seeing at the moment is all the bookings I have coming up over the coming months, so look out for the upcoming blogs which will introduce you to more of "Rowan's Friends".