Dog Training

Do you need help teaching your dog the basic commands? Are you struggling with achieving a good recall?

Would you like a bit of help, understanding how to teach your dog how to do the basics, such as sit, down, come, to walk nicely off lead and much more, so that when you are out with your dog, you are not completely embarrassed by your dogs behaviour?

I have many years of informal training experience, which I have gained over the years with my own dog and more recently through working with other peoples dogs.  To be truthful I am not a "qualified" trainer, but in actual fact, there is no such thing. Most trainers, just become trainers through the experience they have with dogs and the understanding they have of canine behaviour.  I have however completed some online theory exams in dog training.  I am now looking to gain more experience training dogs formally.  So if you need a bit of help and don't mind working with a "trainee trainer", why not get in touch.

I am already working with a number of my clients to help them to improve on what they were taught at puppy class, but never really carried on with! Teaching them some games and activities that will help to make their dogs realise they are the most important and fun person to be with, not the rabbit that is running 20mph in the other direction!

Quite often my clients have just lost their way a bit with their dogs and are not giving them clear instructions, so the dog is getting confused and misbehaving. It doesn't matter if your dog is still a puppy or an older dog (there is no such thing as you can't teach an old dog new tricks - when ever I learn a new game I try it on my 11 year old, admittedly she learns a lot faster than a young dog, but she loves it!). Its all about creating a bond between you and your dog, through games and activities, using reward based training - this doesn't mean your dog will end up the size of a horse through constant food rewards, I will guide you through all the processes.

If you are interested in discussing your dog's training needs with me further, get in touch.

[email protected]

07778 397364

Or use the form on the Contact page

I usually charge £15 per hour

Training sessions can take place at your house or mine, where I have some space, to start with, then we will take it out on walks on later sessions.

Most training sessions are in the afternoons after I have finished my daily dog walks.

It's time to make those daily walks a pleasure not a chore!